Fall Ball (Mini Club)

August 16th - October 30th
Girls and Boys 7u-16u




8u - 12u Divisions

8:30  -  9:00am  Check - In
9:00 - 11:00am Evaluation

$50 Evaluation Fee
Is applied toward total dues.
Must be purchased here.
Use QR code to check in
on August 7th.



13u - 14u Divisions

12:00 - 12:30pm Check - In
12:30 - 2:30pm Evaluation

$50 Evaluation Fee
Is applied toward total dues.
Must be purchased here.
Use QR code to check in
on August 7th.



15u - 16u Divisions

3:30  -  4:00pm  Check - In
4:00 -   6:00pm Evaluation

$50 Evaluation Fee
Is applied toward total dues.
Must be purchased here.
Use QR code to check in
on August 7th.


2021 - 2022 Age Divisions


Please check your child's birth date with this chart to determine their correct age division and attend that evaluation above.


2021 Girls & Boys  Fall Ball  ( Mini Club )
Practices Begin Aug. 16th - Oct. 30th         
Girls & Boys  7u – 16u

Mini Club (PVA Fall Instructional League)  is a quality program for all levels,  Elite, Intermediate and Beginner.

Athletes will ...

  • Develop and strengthen all volleyball skills
  • Learn in a fun and focused environment
  • Gain competitive experience competing in local and regional tournaments against other club programs

The program goal is to get athletes ready to take their volleyball abilities to the next level and ready to:

  • Compete in PVA's Spring Season program
  • Tryout and make school programs

Athletes are assigned to teams by age groups and ability of  8-9 players. Teams train twice per week with five half day tournaments.


(Aug 16th - October 30th)

GIRLS & BOYS  7u - 16u


$ 50  Evaluation Fee
(Non Refundable - Applies to total costs)
$275  Due September 1st
$275  Due October 1st

*Practices  begin week of Aug. 9th*


  • 11 weeks of  training sessions
  • 5-Tournament fees
  • 2 Practice shirts
  • 1 Game shirt
  • Facility costs
  • Equipment usage
  • Coach's stipend


                         09/11 - PVA Kick-off Tournament

09/18 - United League - Location TBD

09/25 - United League - Location TBD

10/09 - United League - Location TBD

10/30 - United League Championships 



All Athletes will need a current AAU Membership.  This is a required yearly membership that must be renewed before 8/31 of each year. This is a one time $14 fee, that is good for the fall and regular spring seasons.



The following must be brought to the August 7th Evaluations!  All players will be placed by age and ability.

  • Athletes please wear t-shirt, athletic shorts and athletic shoes.
  • Register on PVA Website  (Required)


  • $50 Evaluation/Tryout Fee (Non-Refundable)
  • PVA  Liability Waiver   
  • Copy of Birth Certificate

A packet will be given to you at evaluations with the below forms, they are due at the first practice.

  • AAU Medical Release - Notarized  
  • Athlete Code of Conduct 
  • PVA Photo and Internet Release 
  • PVA Handbook Agreement Form 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many athletes to a team?   8-9 athletes per team

How are teams selected?  By age  and their ability.  They may be moved at the discretion of the Club Director depending on their experience and ability. We will have advanced, intermediate and beginning teams.

What are practice dates?  M-F 5:30-7:30 or 7:30-9:30 (2 days)

When is team placement?     Saturday, August 7th, 2021

9:00 - 11:00am 8u - 12u
12:30 - 2:30pm 13u - 14u
4:00 - 6:00pm 15u - 16u


What if I can't make the team placement?    You need to register to save your spot on a team.  Once teams are formed we can not guarantee a spot on a team. You must pre-register on our website.
Call the PVA office 386-228-2PVA to set up a time for an evaluation.

Are there any additional cost?   Athletes will need to purchase a AAU Membership $14 after  August 20th.  Parents will need to pay for their entry fees to tournament venues usually $5  and provide transportation to and from the venues.   Athletes will also need to  wear  SOLID BLACK spandex and BLACK Kneepads to practice and for games.  We have those items for sale in our facility, if you need them.

Do you have to pay all at once?    No, $50, which is non-refundable  is due at evaluations and then  two payments for the remainder of the season will be due at the 1st of September and October .

What days are tournaments?  Saturdays.  We will attend four United League 1/2 day tournaments (appx. 9am - 4pm), in addition, PVA players will receive and additional home tournament included in their cost.   Location will vary by age for each tournament

How do I register?  Click on the registration link on this page.

What do I need to bring to team evaluations?   You need to bring a copy of birth certificate, confirmation of registration, water, and wear appropriate volleyball gear (knee pads, spandex, t-shirt, and athletic shoes).

Do we offer scholarships or payment plans?   At this time we do not offer scholarships for mini club but we do offer payment plans.  Please call the office (386-228-2PVA) for more information.

What is the youngest age we accept?   We usually start at the age of 8 years of age but we are aware that there are some youngsters that are very attentive, skilled and ready to participate at a younger age. There is no hard rule its more about the child readiness than the actual age.

What is the oldest age we accept?   The athlete must be a maximum of 16 years of age up to 10th grade.  The athlete can not turn 17 years old before September 1st of the following year.