A Glow In The Dark Volleyball Tournament

How The Tournament came to "Light"

Over the past 9 months of this "Covid" outbreak, our world has been affected in so many different ways. In my observation, the top three areas impacted the most, has been 1. the mindset of people, 2. the economy and 3. the virus itself.

In sports and life, 90% of the game is your mindset how do we respond in adversity. 2020 has brought a significant amount of fear, depression, hopelessness, anxiety and panic to the mindset of people throughout our world. As a result, too many people have committed suicide as their only way out of the pain, which has devastated so many families and loved ones that are left behind.  I personally have lost an Uncle, friends, former classmates, students and recently heard about an 12yr old girl who took her life and my heart broke over this tragedy.

In April, I did an internet search which lead me to Firefly Outreach, and talked over an hour with the founder of Firefly, Patti Herrington. Her son at 16 took his life and through the grief, pain and healing in her life, God lead her to start this outreach. She now speaks to schools, churches and conferences around the country.  I loved the name of this outreach, as it reminded me of catching fire flies with my sister as kids. Through our conversation, the idea came for a Glow in the Dark Volleyball Tournament and to sponsor Firefly Outreach allowing Patti to share her story of HOPE and HEALING before each division plays on November 13th & 14th.  There's HOPE for our hurting world, His Name is Jesus. Psalm 147:3

We chose to do this tournament right before the holidays as this can be one of the most difficult seasons for people who may have lost loved ones.  If you know anyone, that is contemplating suicide, feeling hopelessness, harming themselves, please reach out to Firefly, PVA, Parents, Pastor or an authority for help. Everyone's life has value and purpose, we are here to help.  Thank you for joining us and we look forward to this fun event and may we glow in this dark world.           Maria Hardwick (PVA Director)

Firefly Outreach

A Story of Hope and Healing
"The Empty Chair"

Click Here To Learn More About Firefly Outreach

Tournament Details

November 13th & 14th
$150 per team (6-10 players)
Open to all schools and clubs
Glow in the Dark volleyballs during tournament

Players receive glow in the dark accessories.
Concessions will be available
Covid Protocols will be followed

Questions? - 386-228-2PVA
or info@powervolley.com

565 S. Lakeview Dr. Unit 120
Lake Helen  (The Gem of Florida)

Adult Co-Ed

Friday, November 13th
6pm - 11pm / (12 Teams)
3 men & women on court

Ladies 18u + / Men 17u +

6:00pm Teams Check In
6:30pm Firefly Story
7:00 play starts

Pool Play & Playoffs

13u - 14u Division

Saturday, November 14th
7am - 12:00pm (9 Teams)

7:00 am Teams Check In

7:30am Firefly Story

8:00 am play starts

Pool Play & Playoffs


15u - 16u Division

Saturday, November 14th
12:30 - 5:30pm (9 Teams)

12:30pm Teams Check In

  1:00pm Firefly Story

  1:30pm play starts

Pool Play & Playoffs

17u - 18u Division

Saturday, November 14th
6pm - 11:00pm (9 Teams)

6:00pm Teams Check In

6:30pm Firefly Story

7:00 am play starts

Pool Play & Playoffs


How To Register

Please Register by submitting the following information below.
1. Age Division Playing
2. Team Name
3. All players' names (must form teams ahead of time.)
Registration must be done ahead of tournament date.

Register early to secure your spot. This will fill up.

All teams are to be here by check in times

Pools will be sent to the registration email 2 days prior to tournament.
Spectators are permitted, there will be no spectator fee.
Donations will be appreciated. All
Donations go to support Firefly Outreach.


** If you know of someone that needs help or prayer dealing with this, please send us a message below.

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