Please read the following instructions/guidelines before completing and filing the application.

It is the goal of PVA that no child wishing to participate in the Club is denied for individual financial reasons; therefore parents may apply for financial assistance. Financial assistance must be renewed annually.

Only those families in true financial need will be considered. The Director and a member of the Advisory Council will review all applications and their decision will be final. Assistance may be prorated as determined by the financial need of the applicant. Where the applicant’s circumstances change substantially between the time of initial application and time of review, the applicant may request reconsideration of her/his application by the committee.

Only those applications, which are completed in full and are accompanied by requested documents, could be considered. All others will be returned to the applicant.

An application must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian. In awarding financial aid, Power Volleyball Academy does not discriminate on the basis of religion, sex, race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Once your application is processed, the Club Director will contact you to let you know if any financial assistance has been granted.

The amount of financial aid granted to qualified players will be granted in accordance to the financial aid available in the scholarship fund. ONLY PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE AWARDED.

Financial Aid for Athletes

We have formed a fundraising committee for families that need to raise monies to reduce their dues. This group will work together to achieve a common goal- making it possible for their children to participate in the sport of volleyball. We will support these families in their efforts, however, it is the fundraising group that will be raising the monies, not the academy.  The chairperson of this committee that will work closely with the Director of Operation and Club Director to make sure that event planned to keep the integrity of the program.   Of the monies collect 80% will go directly to the athletes with the reminder divided among a coaches fund, a building fund, and administrative fees

Participants  receiving financial aid will offer to work at PVA Training facilities host events at the rate of $9 hour 100% of hours worked by the athlete/parent/ or relative will be credited toward the final tuition payment of the individual player assigned.

The Director of Operations will be set by the operations committee for the assistance awarded? This may be in the areas, of facility maintenance-cleaning, concession or store help, or other needs in PVA.

These must be completed before the financial assistance is applied.

Continuation and renewal of financial aid will be assessed on need and willingness to comply with the conditions stated above.

All information in this application will be reviewed by the Director and Advisory Council member and will be considered CONFIDENTIAL. Need is determined through this application.


The purpose and  goal of  Power Volleyball Academy  is to be able to provide the opportunity for all youth to be able to learn and play volleyball. The purpose of this committee is to provide an avenue for parents to explore and execute fundraising activities in order to assist with the expenses of the academy at PVA. All welcome to join.


  With the purpose of working together as a team, we are going to need parent volunteers to assist us throughout the year. As much as we would like to, we cannot do everything, and still do everything well! We have a vision of tremendous success ahead of us, but we will need several helping hands along the way to make that happen. We look forward to working with you.  Also, we would have great opportunities for all high school student to earn community hour participating in our volunteer program. Please register for Volunteer