We train, empower and inspire PEOPLE. We coach with PURPOSE and instill that every life is designed for a  PURPOSE. We share our PASSION of the game and life and bring out that PASSION in every athlete. PVA  is COMMITTED to the development, growth and maturity of players in the sport of volleyball and in life. Our goal is to make sure that athletes aspire to the levels of skill and competition that they are fully capable of reaching whether it be Junior, Varsity or a Collegiate experience. Our goal is not only to excel our players in the field of volleyball but also to help them aspire to their full potential in their lives as well.



Power Volleyball Academy began in December, 2005 with three teams. The founder and director, Maria Hardwick, Head Coach at Trinity Christian Academy at the time saw the need for the girls in her volleyball program to play club if they wanted to go to the next level. The desire was to keep it affordable and local to play.  Fourteen girls from TCA and fourteen girls from surrounding schools initiated the first year for the club. In opening the club up to the community, the director saw it as an opportunity for an outreach and ministry in addition to volleyball training. The name of the club comes from 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God does not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of POWER, Love and Self Discipline.

In 2013-2014 the club grew to 13 teams over 130 girls, a 22,000 sq. ft – four court facility in Lake Helen, an AAU National Championship and numerous tournament wins through AAU, USAV & JVA. In addition, many athletes are playing at the next level in colleges and universities.  We  added beach teams that have qualified for the Beach National Championships in California. We have had many girls make the High Performance teams and been selected for All-Star teams.

Our new  motto,  is we train, empower and inspire PEOPLE, We coach with PURPOSE and instill that every life is designed for a  PURPOSE. We share our PASSION of the game and life and bring out that PASSION in every athlete.

Our programs go year round, with Mini Club (August – October), Regular Club Season (October – June), Camps & Clinics, Lessons – private and small group, Beach and Sand training, Adult volleyball,  Volleytotz for 3-7 year olds and a youth academy.

What is Club Volleyball

Club volleyball is the opportunity for girls age 10-18 to compete in state and nationally wide tournaments in their own age division, coached and mentored by some of the top juniors coaches in the sport of volleyball.

Club Volleyball or often called JO volleyball (Junior Olympic Volleyball), are organizations that train athletes in the sport of volleyball so they can compete in the off season from their  school program. Volleyball clubs are independent of each other and privately owned. The word “club” typically describes an organization that has teams at many different age groups and levels. Clubs vary in size from 1 or 2 teams and can be over 50 plus teams.

Governing Bodies 

Volleyball clubs can play or sponsor events sanctioned by governing organizations such as USA VolleyballAAU, or JVA). Players will register at the beginning of each season to one or more of these organizations so they can participate in their events.

Season Length 

The duration of the season varies depending on the number of events a team plans to participate. The season can start with tryouts in August, but practices do not start until November. Teams will end in April with some  teams finishing in June at the AAU National Volleyball Championships (or late June early July if they qualify for the Junior National Championships). Qualifying events are held around the country throughout the season.

Is Club For Me?

Club volleyball can be costly, so therefore it is important to determine if it is the right fit for your child. If an athlete is just looking to play for fun and to be with their friends, there are less expensive alternatives. Athletes that come to the club program are looking for better competition and to elevate their game with the hopes of eventually playing at an Elite level and at the Collegiate Level.

We are looking for young ladies who are passionate about the sport and we can teach them the rest. Our teams are divided by skill level within each age group. We have team options that range from beginner to Elite, and from “no travel” to “out-of-state travel”.

Why is club a "must" for college?

Club volleyball is the primary method by which college coaches recruit high school players.  Due to the fact that both the NCAA woman’s volleyball season and girl’s high school season occuring in the fall, very few NCAA programs recruit during the high school season.  Instead they choose regional and national events during the club season to see as many athletes as they can.

Making a Team

Each club or JO program usually holds their own tryout. Tryout formats vary from club to club. There is a registration fee for participating in tryouts. Usually 10 – 12 players are selected by age group.  If selected, a player will be offered a spot on the team and required to sign a contract, which commits that player to that club for the season. If a selected player leaves tryouts without accepting and signing the contract, it will be deemed a refusal of the position and the position will be awarded to another player.


This varies by team and the number of events they will be participate in. See the Team Comparison Chart for a breakdown of what will be provided to each athlete as well as cost by team level.


Time Commitment

Depending on the team, practice may be 2-3 times per week with tournaments about twice a month.